eLearn21 (eLearning for 21st Century Filipinos)

The Raise a Village Project Organization, Inc. (RAVPO), a humanitarian NGO, designed the Village Online College Education Program to provide affordable and accessible Education in the rural areas as well as in impoverished urban centers.

College Online Program is (www.ravpo.com), composed of the following components:

  • Academics;
  • Skills development; and
  • Personality/Leadership

Raise a Village Project Organization, Inc. was founded by Rev. Fr. Bienvenido Disu, CM;

Professional Academy of the Philippines for school affiliation.

Online Education Program was officially launched on April 11-12, 2011.

The eLearning Centres:

JAO Island eLearning Center

San Agustin eLearning Center

Lonoy eLearning Center

Holy Family eLearning Center

St. Vincent de Paul eLearning Center

San Fabian Community eCenter


About elearn21

Administrator of eLearn21 (eLearning for 21st Century Filipinos

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  1. Good Luck!

  2. I’m sorry…
    It’s not “Raise a Village Inc.” , But, it’s “Raise a Village Project Organization Inc.”

  3. This organization is nice cause it’s helping the poor for their future, and hope it’s successful …

  4. Thanks! RAVPO for making us One…. go go go RAVPO

  5. hoping enough instructor

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