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Maricor Butal

Onliners. Who are they? What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Can they help for the improvement of our nation? Let’s not make a judgment instead make a giant stride on the path in answering these questions if we single out the things about them and what can they do for the progress and development of our nation.

Onliners are ordinary people or youth who want to pursue their ambition in life, uplift their family from poverty, and help to build a new and brighter future for individual’s life. These students are studying in a high-tech, advance and modern way of education which is called ONLINE EDUCATION. Online means directly connected to or controlled by an electronic ways. This institution is very affordable, accessible and was created for poor people who really want to pursue college education.

They believe that “POVERTY IS A CHALLENGE NOT A HINDRANCE “because they know that poverty does not an obstacle to become successful. They don’t let poverty be a hindrance for their dreams and ambition in life; instead they strive hard to be able to reach their vision or goal for the future.

The onliners have undergone leadership training, their abilities on leading others and on how to be a good model to everyone is the main objective or goal of the said activity. Because of this training they gain more knowledge and they know the characteristics of being a good leader of our society. In fact, the onliners are also exposed in their community through serving people and also to take care of our environment. They are aiming for a brighter, happier, and a progressive nation. The key to success lies in their hands. Now, they are proud to say” WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE MAKERS AND NATION BUILDERS.”