Researcher: Juanito Cristobal Jr.


Philippines are very rich and known to each cultures and traditions. With
these attributes are known to be by Filipinos. Awareness of its origin is very
important to know about.  Are those attributes still exist among Filipinos? How Filipinos acquired them?

The researcher is trying to search of each Filipino values and link them to
the Philosophy of Confucius. Confucius not only contributes to Asia of his great
thought but around the world. His idea of democracy for the society or the
government has influenced and spread around the world. His concerned of
morality importantly gives impact to human’s life.

Confucius Philosophy basically rooted from the basic concept of Jen which means humanity. Confucius explains “humanity as to love the people or to love the masses extensively” (Confucius on Humanity). Thus, Jen is the fundamental virtue of Confucian teaching.

Problem Statement

The researcher focus his study with the following problems:
1. What are the possible attributes of the Filipinos that are considered or
influenced from the great mind of Confucius?
2. How are these attributes possibly acquired by Filipinos (unconsciously)?
3. Why the researcher consider those attributes are possibly influenced
from the philosophy of Confucius?

Work Cited

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*Full paper is to be requested.



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