Author: Juanito Cristobal Jr.


The fast growth of technology has radically changed the face of education around the world. However, this innovation has affected more those with access to resources. This “digital divide” has left vulnerable populations such as indigenous groups behind. In the Philippines a group ‘Raise a Village Project’ have embark on a project called “bringing first Filipinos to the 21st century” through online education. The initial target of the group will be at least one hundred of the bigger tribes in the different parts of the country. This includes animistic tribes in the mountains and Muslim tribes that live in the coastal areas.

The Organization “Raise a Village” has six eLearning Centres in the Philippines since April 2011. The vision is to provide education to all indigent Filipinos through eLearning. The Online College Education Program is designed to bring education accessible and affordable to all “depressed, deprived, under served and indigent (ddui) Filipinos. The online college program thru the use of computer and internet brings college education at the very doorstep of the students. The idea of having eLearning is to eliminate transportation, books, board and lodging, uniform, miscellaneous fees.

The team called eLearn21 or eLearning for 21st Century Filipinos is responsible of running the Online Education. The social networking site is very useful in communicating the students aside from the Learning Management System. In this way eLearning caters the students who can’t afford of going school as the organization ‘Raise a Village’ helps and provides them their need of education.

Poverty hinders the Filipino students to pursue college education. Indigent students prepared to work by fishing or farming rather than pursuing college due to their family economic status. Hence, still did not increase the status of their family living, enough that they have meal in a day. The dream of online education program of Raise a Village opens the way of indigent Filipinos to have college education and have a better job. Raise a Village Project through eLearn21 started College Online Education Program on April 2011. For coming years many eCenters will be open and many indigent Filipinos can go to college and pursue their dreams.



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