Mr. Juanito Cristobal Jr.


Technology around the world is rapidly evolved especially in the face of education. The big challenge is how technology embraced by the people who are in isolated areas, indigents and the last to know every information. This so called “digital divide” has left vulnerable populations such as indigenous groups behind. Raise a Village Project, an organization in the Philippines embark on a project called “bringing first Filipinos to 21st century through college online program”. The program is to provide affordable and accessible Tech-Voc Education and Competency for job readiness to indigent students in the rural areas as well as in underprivileged urban centers. It aims to prepare them to acquire well-paying job opportunities locally and internationally. With the well-paying job they could break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Many high school graduates in our country could not proceed to college or in university due to poverty and high cost of education. If these graduates could not go to college it is impossible for them to acquire good paying jobs. Besides, this terrific waste of human capital would be unfavourable to nation building even in the short run. The college online program of RAVPO is a way of bringing education to them that is affordable and accessible. With modern technology in this century, it is a way of cutting the cost of education by eliminating the expensive peripheral costs.

With the successful start of the college education program through the participation of different partnered organizations and local government units this will be the channel and elasticity of interest to other local governments in isolated areas. LGU’s are interested in having their constituents get educated and have well-paying jobs with the program offered. With the continued support and participation of LGU’s there will be more educated and working individuals in our country.


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