By: Jessa Fruta

To be successful in the future is one of our dreams in life, to help our family and to become famous. It is obvious that we want a better life in the future. Education is a way in reaching our goals in life. We should not be affected of our family economic problems and set as hindrance to our success but instead a challenge in order to pursue our dreams in life.

The simple way of education being offered to us opens the way for our better future. Having an online education is one of the simple ways to acquire education. With this kind of education time is not wasted, as well as our efforts and attentions. We did not left behind our families but instead we have more time of helping our families in everyday chores.

This simple way of education we are able to learn many things specially becoming a good and responsible leader to our country. Acquiring self-confidence and able to face challenges with the rapid growth of technology in this new generation. Simple but trained to be independent and responsible to every action to take.

This is simple but in preparation for our future goals.

  1. Ritchel Bulawan

    congratz ,,,say ,,,,,,,we are so proud of you ,,keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1more power and God bless

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